Created Jan 12, 2017


Married and struggling to stay working middle class couple. more

Married couple. Don Lammers age 53 Marcie Lammers age 46. Don is a Kitchen manager of 26 years at a local bar establishment. Marcie stays home to care for elderly mother-in-law. Don has 1 adult son. Marcie has two adult daughters. Average couple trying to stay afloat in the working middle class. We are registered through the Market Place and have experienced the benefits and not so beneficial aspects of Obama Care. Neither one of us have ever voted but are dedicating from here on out to practice our rights as citizens to help fix the Brainwashing of Americans during the 2016 Presidential elections and to help spread the word of Global Warming and the effects it is having on the efforts for a cleaner, brighter future. We want to make a difference by waking Americans up to the corruption that has been going on in our government, that has left The People discouraged and mislead on issues that are apparent for the safety of our families and future generations by making them aware of the truth-the amount of corruption in politics-that they are constant issues, that need constant regulation.